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In 2012

The month was extremely rich with many blessings both for our ministry and our family! And the very first one was the wedding of our oldest daughter Zhenya (see the pictures attached). Vlad, Zhenya's husband is the very men I had a pleasure to baptize a year ago during the retreat of young national media leaders at our Small Groups Retreat House. With great pleasure I have accepted Vlad and Zhenya's request to perform their ceremony and found it appropriate since I baptized both of them and continue to disciple them in their walk in the Lord. The gathering at the wedding was an about 50/50 mixture of Christians and nonbelievers - relatives, colleagues and friends of the newly-weds. That made the event not only a great celebration as it is itself, but also a great testimony of the joy in the Lord. I built the ceremony message on the idea of the God's covenant with His people reflected in the institution of marriage (see http://scienceandapologetics.com/en/ for details) and that allowed me to present the outline of entire Bible. The addresses of Christian guests added details to that context, and many nonbelievers admitted that they discovered much deeper meaning of the Bible through that wedding celebration. Please join our prayers for the seeds of God's word planted, as well for the new family of Vlad and Zhenya faithful walk in the Lord - all other things shall be added.

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