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newsletter feb2012a

newsletter feb2012bterrible winter hit Eastern Europe as a notorious global warming indicator :-) Even in our mild region of Crimea lingering -20C (-4F) frost alongside with up to 30 m/s (65 miles per hour) winds damaged the resorts coastline considerably. Black Sea got frozen (see the pictures attached), hundreds of vehicles got stuck on the roads for hours, sometimes even overnight before the rescue and army troops managed to free them from freezing. All that happened right when we were about to take off for 1500 miles trip across the country! After some consideration we alternated our plans. Local people of our volunteers’ network will do some seminars in the areas we had to visit, while we stay focused on the upcoming projects preparation as well as continue to minister the body of believers in our own region.

As a result we arrange a landing party at the city of Bahchisaray(Bakcheesaray), a former Turkish administrative center of Crimea (prior to its annexing by Russia), and now the center of Muslim presence and expansion in Ukraine. The workshops (see the pictures attached) dealt with the importance of Science for shaping biblical worldview. Geography and geology of the region made the point extremely visual - the city is placed right in the center of the grate formed by the mount chains spread from West to East and river flows across them from South to North. We spoke about it as evidence both to the global Flood (rivers could not flow uphill for millions of years) and the Ice Age end catastrophe that filled Black Sea and shaped Crimean peninsula. The discussion on the issues of Black Sea catastrophe and Ice Age civilizations was very exciting since believers found a great starting point for approaching their neighbors with the message of the Bible. Please pray for the ripple effect of the landing party!

A landing party at the city of Bahchisaray (Bakcheesaray)
A landing party at the city of Bahchisaray (Bakcheesaray)

Another great achievement of the month was receiving after some delay of the next (the third one) volume of God's Design for Science textbook - The World of Animals - off the press (see the pictures attached). People of our part of the world brainwashed through totalitarian education system with Darwinism usually asked: how can you teach Biology (particularly Taxonomy) without a concept of Evolution? The book is clear visual and practical response to that question. We highly appreciate your care and prayers for this extremely important project.

With the break of spring we expect melting of the snow and plan major projects for March – a trip to Central Ukraine with pastors’ conference at Kiev (we expect it to be similar to the one we had in Donetsk in January) as well asCreation Evangelists training course at Cherkassy, a big industrial center we never had ministry at before. On the other hand we also plan another short-distance teaching trip: to Sevastopol, a city of Russian naval base. Please keep these trips in your prayers – safety traveling, God-guided teaching, ripple spread of the message.

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