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In 2012
newsletter january2012 01

The first month of the year have started with new reasons to rejoice and to praise the Lord!Extended Christmas celebration in our part of the world (we have it starting with December 25 (Western Church tradition) up to January 7 (i.e. December 25 by Julian calendar following the Eastern Church tradition) is a period of many doors opened. We were involved in technical and informational support of the Christmas presentations at public half-way-houses and boarding schools (see the pictures attached). Celebration of the Creator's incarnation in His creation as a historical event is a good opportunity to tell about historical events of both Creation and Redemption. Please pray for he seeds planted there!

Publishing of 150th book – Commending & Defending Christian Faith by H. Lynn Gardner Russian version – became significant milestone in our ministry. There are lots of good books on apologetics that tell ‘what to do’. The time has come for a book with the major focus on why and how to do it, and that book will be a great tool for equipping God’s people for demolishing the strongholds of false beliefs!

Strategically important trip ('landing party' as we call it) to the Red Belt of Ukraine
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The month has ended with the extremely exciting and strategically important trip ('landing party' as we call it) to the Red Belt of Ukraine (the most pro-communist, pro-Russian, criminal and atheistic part of the country). It was a great adventure. Some of our plans had to be changed right on the way - traveling Ukrainian winter roads through snow blizzard with heavy loaded car was quite a challenge; my computer's system collapsed and left me without communication in the middle of the trip also. Nevertheless we were ready to all these troubles, and in general the trip was extremely blessed. More then 100 pastors and youth leaders newsletter january2012 06of the region came together at the city of Donetsk and we spend extremely valuable time exploring the most effective in their cultural and social context ways of spreading the Good News to nonbelievers and of rooting believers and their children in truth of the Bible from its very beginning to very end (see the pictures attached). Everyone in the group was supplied with books, videos, presentations, etc. and got an assignment to arrange a seminar, class or at least a sermon at their regions in a month period on the issues we learned together. So, the ripple effect is on the way. May the Lord be praised! Please pray for the workers for the harvest!

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