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2012 newsletter

12 December 2012 In 2012

That was the first year since the leadership model change in our ministry – a panel of directors was created to share the ministry leadership responsibilities. Young persons (Lena and Vadeem), who became a part of our ministry during or right after their college years, got the key roles at the panel and took the load with great enthusiasm! They are doing the job so successfully, I even wonder: why do they need me at all? :) Praised be the Lord!

The geography of the ministry direct impact has increased with two more countries this year – we have visited Byelorussia and Armenia with leadership training seminars. Though the ministry in Byelorussia is still some underdeveloped (totalitarian political system suppresses any initiative), Armenian brothers established self-governing national Apologetics Society and doing active ministry through it already. Praised be the Lord!

We have attempted the first run of a new special FD-222 young apologists training program, and it turned into a great success. It enrolled fourteen participants from the former Soviet countries of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The program is even not completed yet, but some of the participants have already started active apologetics ministry development in their regions. Praised be the Lord!

Christian textbooks on Science, the greatest and the most strategically important publishing project we ever had is more then 70% completed – in accordance with the calendar plan! God provided everything necessary – funds, translators, authors, reviewers, editors, illustrators etc. Despite of the enormous dimensions of the project, we were able to not reduce or even slow down with our other publishing commitments. As a result we have published 15 books this year – twice as much as our usual amount! Our overall record now includes 164 publications of 131 book titles! Praised be the Lord!

The quality of our textbooks was recognized by secular authorities through issuing a quality award certificate to one of them by the National Committee on Information. That opened a door for placing Bible-based, Christ-focused and culturally relevant resources as well as for presenting the message in various public libraries, including the National State Children Public Library! Praised be the Lord!

Conference for Christian School Headmasters became a great step toward the goal of initiating a grassroots movement for challenging post-communist education system through calling Christian teachers and parents for the battle, as well as training and equipping them for it. Christian headmasters from several countries of former Soviet Union were gathered to discuss various aspects of impacting the state curriculum monopoly in education and forming the worldview of the next generation. Several good practical ideas and action plans were developed for the next year and further. Praised be the Lord!

The model, experience and resources of the “Creator” camp we do for field testing a new curriculum annually are used now in many places all over former Soviet Union. This year children, youth and family apologetics camps were made by Eurasian Apologetics Society coordinators in several places of Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia and Far East where many children, teenagers and young adults were studying for building both biblical worldview and biblical relationships. Praised be the Lord!

Self-supporting Small Groups Retreat House became fully functional this year. Giving it for rent during one month at the high season covered the expenses for all events we are doing there through a year – youth, worship, family enrichment and other small group retreats we would not be able to do without that venue. The most strategically important one was a Creation Science Retreat where we gathered the leading Russian-speaking creation scientists from the areas of biochemistry and paleontology for exploring effective ways to oppose false ideas of post-communist secular science. Praised be the Lord!

The year provided some new approaches in media production and training. We have started a Media Club, weekly theoretical and practical youth training classes on various aspects of using media (video, audio, Internet) for a ministry. Also, besides usual video seminars recording, we decided to produce music videos on some classical Christian hymns Russian translations to promote a Christian heritage, which Russian church was deprived from for centuries. The first video All Creatures of Our God and King is released already. Next, our video and audio materials are broadcasted to Russian-Speaking audience all over the world through satellite cannels, as well as in former Soviet Union countries through cable networks. This year a cable channel for Russian diaspora in Finland have started to broadcast our programs as well. Praised be the Lord!

Finally, the Lord has provided the opportunity to purchase the land for the future Training Center. We hope He will provide everything necessary for building it as well. The harvest truly is abundant, but the labourers are few. We pray therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth many more labourers into His harvest by training and equipping them through this Center. We are instruments in His hands for that purpose. Praised be His name!

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