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December 2012

13 December 2012 In 2012

The last "landing party" of the year was a trip to the city of Armyansk. The first time we went to Armyansk for a few short workshops a year ago. This time the brethren, knowing what to expect, invited leaders from neighbor regions to take a full-size Master level course on Systematic Apologetics, as well as asked us for a presentation at the church (see the pictures attached). The studies and discussions on effective ways of evangelism were very interesting and exciting. It was a real pleasure to have a project like that to conclude a year trips program with a great evidence of the ripple effect our ministry makes. Praised be the Lord through it!





The ripples are great mystery, aren't they? For instance, when our first published materials were focused on unbelievers mainly, we found out that believers are getting a great help from them as well. Now our textbooks are focused on children and parents, but we receive feedback from academicians as well. Here is a note we got from a Biochemist in Byelorussia (the most totalitarian country in Eastern Europe):

"Thank you very much for your ministry and the work! I am impressed the most by your focus on publishing Christian textbooks on Science (wonderfully designed!) for the future generation. You have taken the right and very promising direction in guiding the young" -Yelena Titova, Ph.D, biochemist, Byelorussia
With the end of the year the time is coming for the final projects of the FD-222 first run students. FD-222 is entirely new venture we initiated for finding, encouraging, training and equipping young gifted leaders of the post-communism part of the world for effective ministry. It turned to be the most effective training program we ever had. We are amazed by the variety of topics on apologetics, evangelism, creation science etc. the participants came up with for their projects, as well as the ways to present those issues in seminars, workshops, group meetings, camps, classes and retreats (see some pictures attached). Many believers got a chance to hear about apologetics for the first time at their lives during those events! One of them wrote:


"The subject we discussed is so important! I have been thinking about it a lot, but my knowledge was not systematized. It was difficult for me to explain to my brothers and sisters, why I am not a fan of a "traditional" way of evangelism. The seminar has helped me to understand why and how I need to approach people in a Biblical way" (A participant of "Biblical Way of Evangelism" seminar taught by FD-222 student in Kriviy Rig)

A participant from Central Asia I wrote about back in September is constantly invited to teach seminars on apologetics at various cities all over the county. Our youngest (17 years old) student I mentioned as well, David Malinovsky, teaches seminars on apologetics and leads discussions with children at Christian schools in his own region and is invited to other cities with them. Another student organized a course for Sunday school using our "Six Days of Creation" curriculum. Some FD-222 students organized camps for adults and for children. The biggest one was a family camp for building proper Bible-based Jesus-focused family relationships. The motto of the other camp was "Not attend the church - be the church!" All the participants are using our books and videos as a guideline and resources for their presentations, group meetings, seminars and camps. Please join us in prayers for the young servants of the Lord and their newly started but already growing ministries!


The year was an extremely exciting adventure of walking with the Lord to new horizons He leads us all the time! Praised be His name! The purchase of the land for the future Training Center became a great moment of this adventure as well. We made our step with it, now it is time to wait for an answer from God. Please pray with us to the Lord for providing the funds to build the Center as well for making it a great place for training many young gifted devoted workers of the Kingdom!

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