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In 2011
‘Landing party’ at Ukrainian Theological Seminary in Kiev
newsletter april2011 1
The modular course on Systematic Apologetics
newsletter april2011 2

The biggest project of the month was a ‘landing party’ at Ukrainian Theological Seminary in Kiev northern suburbs. It got started with a day of workshop on the issue of suffering (see a picture attached). It is real pleasure to see how people gaining understanding on such a tough issue as soon as we bring it into the context of Creation, the Fall, of the Cross!

The weekend after the workshops was a joyful time of worship, visiting with the ministry partners of the area, exploring the venue for May Creation Science international conference. Please keep this important event in your prayers.

The following week was mostly devoted to teaching the modular course on Systematic Apologetics to distant learning program students at Evangelical Seminary (see pictures attached). To teach modular distant learning students is a special joy for me always - they are mature people who are involved with various ministries already, and know exactly why they need this training and what specifically they want to get from it. The students were using all time between the classes and during the meals to explore how they could use the strategies and approaches we learn in their own ministries. The geography represented (Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.) allowed us to consider every situation in the cross-cultural context.Night time our team also used visiting with the ministries and churches of the area (Northern suburbs of Kiev) to develop partnership network.

The modular course on Systematic Apologetics
newsletter april2011 3

Another special project was waiting us during the rest of the month - one-day workshop on Evangelism strategy in Sevastopol. It was a great blessing! Everybody highly enjoyed the time we spent there together exploring the ways, means and strategies for effective evangelism in our times (see the pictures attached).

One-day workshop on Evangelism strategy in Sevastopol.
newsletter april2011 4

A feedback is not common for our culture - decades of totalitarian communist regime trained people to keep their opinions private. Therefore this is most valuable when somebody can not abstain from sharing. Here is couple of feedbacks I got from the organizer of evangelism workshop at Sevastopol:

"The 'Biblical Strategy for Evangelism' workshop communicates God's truth in such a plain, clear and simple way, it makes me want to listen to it over and over again. It helped me to see how many mistakes I make talking to with unbelievers. I realized that in the first place it is important to find a time to listen to a person to understand one's problems. We can not share the Good News effectively without making a diagnosis first". - Valentina.
"The workshop was exactly what I needed; it was an answer to my prayers. I listened all seminars with great interest. Something I did not understand before became so clear. Evangelism is an art of listening, rather than talking. If we do not listen to a person, we will not be able to understand one's needs" - Natalia

Sevastopol is the base for Russian Black Sea fleet. Most of its inhabitants either serve at the navy or work for it. No wonder this is the most pro-Russian city in Ukraine both culturally and politically. That is why this trip was a very good practicing right before the trip across the Kerch Strait to Krasnodar (South Russia) we are packing for now. This is going to be our first "landing party" right in Russia. The first time we will try to enter the country on the vehicle with the load of equipment and books. Considering corruption level in both countries, political confrontation between them and the nature of our books, crossing the customs could be a challenge. Please keep our trip in your prayers!

One-day workshop on Evangelism strategy in Sevastopol.

Please keep praying for Science Christian curricula translation and development initiative, especially - for two volumes ('Our Planet' and 'Human Body') that came from the translation and are in editing now, as well as for two projects that require the greatest resourcing - 'Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation' and 'Exploring Creation with General Science' (both are in the translation). This is an ice-breaking project.The very idea of having a textbook alternative to a "legal" (i.e. approved by the government for use at public schools) is a revelation for many - three generation of communism trained our peoples to be obedient slaves and to not consider anything other from what the master (the government) provides. Our great hope that these textbooks will eventually motivate some public schools Christian teachers to develop their own Christian textbooks, manuals, etc.,

One-day workshop on Evangelism strategy in Sevastopol.
newsletter april2011 6

As we teach our workers and volunteers, a person should work on three projects at the same time - on one with the hands (implementation), on another with the mind (planning) and on the third one with the heart (dreaming). While the curricula books project moves from the heart to the mind stage, we are startingto dream about its future development. Since neither parents nor teachers ever had alternative textbooks, it could be a challenge for them to start using the curricula right away. Therefore we are contemplating the idea to shoot video lessons on the curricula made by best Science Christian teachers to be provided on DVDs to teachers and parents as examples for watching before teaching children, or even to watch together with children and discuss the lessons with the books afterwards. This will considerably accelerate undermining the atheism propaganda through teaching science in public schools. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in this direction.

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