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In 2011

newsletter may2011a bnewsletter may2011b bThank you very much for your prayers - the month was extremely fruitful! It started with a very new adventure for us – our very first "landing party" in Russia, at the city of Krasnodar (Kuban region of South Russia). The first time we tried to enter Russia on the vehicle with the load of equipment and books. Considering corruption level in both countries, political confrontation between them and the nature of our books, crossing the customs had to be a challenge.

Nevertheless nothing is impossible with the Lord - God guided and led us through the entire trip. Russian customs has stopped us at first because of the amount of religious books we had, and made us unload all of them. However after a half-an-hour 'interview' and the inspection they gave us the boxes back and let us go.

conference 2011c b
conference 2011b b

The strategically most important event of the month was The III-rd International Eurasia Creation Science Conference. As it was expected, previous two international Creation conferences made on the edge of the country (Ostrog) but at the National University facilities cleaned up the ground (developed credibility) well for making this year conference in Kiev - a capital of Ukraine (the country neither Russians nor Westerners need a visa for) with easy transportational access (unlike Ostrog). As a result, the conference was extremely fruitful (see the pictures attached).

conference 2011a b

Creationists from Armenia, Byelorussia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, US, and Uzbekistan (twenty of them - with doctoral degrees in various areas) turned in 75 papers presented at plenary sessions and in the sections "Physics, Mathematics and Informatics", "Biology and Medicine", "Geology, Paleontology and Geophysics", "Sociology and Humanities", "Theology". Hundreds of books and DVDs and thousands of brochures were distributed during the conference. Creation Science ministry network expanded considerably, including the opportunity for starting Eurasian Apologetics Society coordination points in two new post-communist countries - Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Praised be the Lord!Please pray for these new developments.

conference 2011d d

Kuban is a historic cradle of Evangelical Christianity in Russian Empire - often persecuted, but always alive. Therefore Kuban Evangelical University at Krasnodar is a famous school. Church leaders form entire Russia are coming there to take a modular courses for Master degree. The school administration requested us to make the course as practical as it possible, and every day of the training was highly exciting experience of exploring God's will for evangelism in the country!

conference 2011e b

I am always amazed by how many Christians do not appreciate Creation Evangelism by default in our part of the world, where many are informed on the Good News, but few are transformed by it because of the lack of Genesis foundation! Without accepting the truth about Creation and Fall, people here underestimate the power of sin, and do not rejoice in salvation therefore. Darwinism makes Christians consider themselves not fallen people who are coming to Christ to be saved, but good people who go to a church to be better. Discussing dangers of compromising Bible with Darwinism was a special challenge for some students - they did not realized how belief in the existence of death before the fall undermines the Good News of Jesus! But all disagreements are easy resolved when the Bible is used as an ultimate measure for that. Praised be the Lord!

The time we spent in Russia was a great blessing both for our team and for the listeners. We did not have any problems with the customs on the way back - all the books we were able to bring into the country were gone in coupe days!


newsletter may2011c b conference 2011g b conference 2011h b

A brief evaluation of the conference was made together with Kiev team right after the project was over, and we started planning the next conference immediately. It is scheduled for April 5-7, 2012. We also decided to make a special conference for pastors of the churches of the area in March to motivate them to become more involved in the movement. Please pray for these plans as well. Afterwards most of our team went back home, while some of us stayed in Kiev teaching Effective Evangelism modular coursefor distant learning students at the Bible Institute (see the pictures attached).

The very special blessing oа the month was an extremely encouraging news we received by its end from our coordinator in Central Asia. While visiting a city, which is the center of extreme Islamism in the region he turned on TV at the hotel and found among the channels a satellite broadcast of our Gift of Gratitude children musical! Technologies bring the message to the places we would not be able to preach at otherwise! May the Lord be praised!!

newsletter may2011d b

Now we are doing the last preparations for the “Creator” children camp. As you know, our summer camps are testing field for the curricula we develop for camps and Sunday Schools. The issue of this year is “God of History”. It provides the retrospect of human civilizations in God’s plan and will include pre-Flood civilization, Ice Age post-Flood civilizations and Heavenly Jerusalem among others. Please keep in you prayers our preparations as well as the camp itself – children, staff, safety, and the Lord’s guidance in everything.

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