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In 2011

newsletter july2011aThe month has started with the exciting experience of "Without Walls" youth leaders festival on evangelism. More then 250 young devoted believers from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Byelorussia came together (see the pictures attached) to share experience and explore the ways of effective Good News spreading despite political and legal problems the Church face in the most of these countries. Because of the every day rains we had to give up the idea to have most of the festival outdoor. However the walls around the "Without Walls" festival were just a reminder - there are no any walls that can stop the Good News!

newsletter july2011b

We distributed the books during the festival; I spoke at the opening plenary and led a workshop on effective evangelism. But the most valuable blessing of the festival was new contacts we got with young committed people from various regions of those countries who risk their freedom and sometimes lives for the Gospel sake (I hesitate to share the pictures for their safety sake)! Now we are busy with supplying them with recourses for the ministry through available channels. Only few of them could take Christian books and videos in their luggage (we supplied those right on the spot) and have Internet secure access (we provided the download opportunity). But surprisingly common mail shipment go fine to the most of the places in Central Asia, isn't this amazing? But in some cases we are looking for "special" channels after all. Please pray for these workers of God, for successful delivery of all our materials to them, for effective planting of the Seed for the glory of the Lord.

Brief, but highly excited was a retreat with a group of young national media leaders at our Small Groups Retreat House, where we had a baptism a leading host at one of the most popular national radio stations and a presenter of some show at national TV channel. Please join our praises to the Lord and prayers for the person’s walk with the Lord and the impact he may make through his access to media. (I do not mention the name for his job security sake - he will have much more freedom to share the message that way

newsletter july2011d

Another exciting news of the month is a progress with Apologetics ministry through media in Central Asia. Eurasian Apologetics Society coordinator of the region has delivered the final files, and we have released a "Worldwide Flood" audiobook and about to release "Simply Essential" short films collectionin Uzbek language. The law of the land implies severe persecutions for Christian printed books distribution, but did not have any measures against electronic media yet. Few years ago we supplied the CA branch with a Kindle-type e-books reader and huge electronic Christian library one can easy travel with and use for ministry and followers training. Nevertheless video and audio files exchange is much more popular in the country with low literacy level but easy access to the media. Almost every household has DVD and/or audio players.

newsletter july2011c

Some EAS-CA volunteers even go farther - they use car FM transmitters at multi-apartment houses they live in to broadcast audio files to their neighbors. They tell neighbors about interesting radio channel that works at particular time and frequency, and offer them to discuss what they listen later on.

Worldwide Flood is the very first Christian audiobook in the language. Simply Essential is second video in the language (after Jesus film) and the first one produced nationally. Its Russian version was highly appreciated both by kids and adults and many were excited to find out about the upcoming native version. Both the audiobook and the video are going to be available for on-line download (no customs can impede that way!) and free copying. Please pray for these materials would be effective tool to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

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