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In 2011
newsletter june2011i

The key event of the month was the very first Christian children camp on History. It was a great time of joy, fun, learning, prayers and discovery of God's plan for humanity in retrospect of the history of civilizations Biblical understanding (see the pictures attached). Pre-Flood civilization, Ice Age civilizations and Heavenly Jerusalem were discussed among others as a key for understanding of the History.

newsletter june2011dThe most memorable event at the camp was a 'Civilizations Show' at the end, where every group had to represent particular culture with the use of the information they learn during the classes and of the materials they can find around - ropes, sticks, paper, trash bags, etc. As a result we had presentations on Romans, Greeks and even... Noah with animals (well, them were the only civilization at the time :-) ). But everyone's favorite was the presentation on Phoenicians – expert seafarers, navigators, explorers, mappers and stargazers with Celtic cross as a simple but effective navigation tool (see the picture attached).

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"Creator of the History” curriculum is field-tested at the camp successfully and after some final edits it will be available to churches and communities alongside with other curricula we develop to fill the gap between Sunday School and public education. The excitement of the task completed is mixed with a great feeling of relieve from the responsibilities the camp involves - like issues of safety, organization, health, security, etc. Praised be the Lord and thank you very much for your prayers!

Another important event was done right before the camp, while during the last preparations for it - preachers' retreat at the Small Groups Retreat House (see the pictures attached). It was a great time of prayers, fasting and exploring through the book of Ephesians what does it mean to be the Church (contrary to the common concept in our pat of the world of attending the church).

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Really exciting news we got from our coordinator in one of the biggest cities of Ukraine (the person asks to not share specific details for the safety sake). Here is what the coordinator writes:

"I am still getting over the excitement of preaching the Word of God to the head of the prison and his subordinates (lutenants, captains, colonels and other stuff) in the prison. God by means of His leading gave me a new aquaintace with N, a commited beleiver and a social worker at the society of Afganistan veterans. The work allows N to work with different organizations such as prisons, army, militia, etc. N is organizing meetings and lectures with spiritual context. I thank God, for the oportunity I have received through N. I spoke to 30 high rank offisers and about 10 women working as stuff in prison for 45 minutes sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.newsletter june2011c 

The books of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics worked exeptionaly great! Several of them went to the head of a prison, some to the prison library and some to the officers. All liturature was very well received. Pray for the liturature from Christian Center for Science and Apologetics ministry. Militia happened to be very receptive to it."

This exciting news reminds me Acts 16, when God literally opened the door for Paul’s preaching to jailer! Please keep that development in your prayers!

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