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Slow starts are common for a year beginning busy with the future projects preparation only usually, but this was not that way for us this year. Even in our secular culture, despite of a communist background, the days from Christmas Eve to Epiphany according to Western Church (Julian) calendar, i.e. January 6-19 by public (Gregorian) calendar are called "The Holy Days" and are treated as a festivity. As a result, children musical "The Gift of Gratitude" we released by the end of newsletter jan2011hthe year especially for this occasion, opened many doors (the 80 sec trailer is available at multimedia at the bottom of the page). We have provided the video for broadcast on regional air and cable channels as well as show it at orphanages and boarding schools (see the pictures attached), using it as an opportunity to tell children about real meaning of Christmas and for distributing Christmas gifts and our books. A very special event was presentation of the musical at the Nadiya (i.e. “The Hope”) hostel for children with communication special care requirements (see the pictures attached). Please pray for the seeds planted.

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By the end of "The Holy Days" we arranged a special celebration to express our great appreciation to everyone who contributed in any way to the show production process. Mandarines are as common treat on “The Holy Days” in our part of the world, as pine trees and branches are common decoration for the season. Most of Russian-speaking people even associate mandarines with Christmas (do not ask me why - I do not know). On the other hand, the best (the sweetest) sort of mandarines available here is called "Oskar" (with "k" since it comes from Turkey). Considering this, we arranged the party as a funny imitation of Oscar Academy Award ceremony and gave a sweet Oskar alongside with the DVD disk copy to everyone who was involved in the production somehow. This made the event a great joyful festivity! (see the pictures attached)

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