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In 2011

Despite of obvious changes in post-communist world back to the enormous corruption and total government control of everything people do, tell and even teach their own children, we keep going ahead as long as the doors are openThe time is short, and we do not know for how long we will be able to preach the truth openly before our society will turn either to the extreme of totalitarian system where everything is forbidden, or to the so-called “European values” where everything is permitted except the truth because it is “intolerant” to lie and immorality. The Good News of Jesus will never be in favour of the world – exactly as the Scripture predicts. Please keep in your prayers our commitment, steadfastness, as well as God’s guidance and protection for us.

newsletter march2011anewsletter march2011bThe month was mostly devoted to intensive preparation for various projects our April through June schedule is filled with abundantly. But the first and extremely important one was Christian High Schools International Association conference. About 200 teachers and headmasters from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and some other former Soviet Union countries were there. They were highly interested in our materials for schools, Sunday schools, camps, etc. (see the pictures attached). The draft for this yearsummer camp curriculum 'God of History' was presented there and raised great interest as well. This is the very first curriculum in Russian that mentions the concept Ice Age civilizations incompatible with evolutionary ideas of human cultures origin. (Please pray with us for the camp – we are enrolling and training the team leaders for it currently).

newsletter march2011cAt the teachers’ conference we shared a dream on the Science Christian Textbooks, and it raised a great excitement as well! Everybody came to tell how highly important this endevour is. The state still has a monopoly on school education almost everywhere in former Soviet Union. The officials of the Ministry of Education deprive parents of any right to influence the studies of children. The worldview foundation that Sunday school underbuilds is ruined by studying "the real world" of Science at public schools. The post-soviet system of education turned the Screwtape's dream into reality: "We shall no longer have to plan and toil to spread imperturbable conceit and incurable ignorance among men. The little vermin themselves will do it for us. Of course, this would not follow unless all education became state education. But it will" (C.S. Lewis, Screwtape Proposes a Toast). Private school education is marginalized. Home schooling is illegal. No textbooks allowed for use at school but the officially approved ones that present scientific facts from exclusively atheistic materialistic humanistic Darwinists point of view. Science teachers at schools are missionaries of atheism whenever they want it or not. Therefore Christian teachers are looking forward to see the textbooks with great hope. The first two volumes have to come from the translation by the end of April. Please keep in your prayers all the aspects (funds, translation, editing, designing, printing, etc.) of thisstrategically important project!

We also ask for your special prayers for all upcoming projects:
April 9 – Biblical Approach to Evil and Suffering workshops (Kiev)
April 11-15. Systematic Apologetics course at Evangelical Seminary (Kiev)
April 23. Evangelism Biblical Strategy workshop (Sevastopol)
May 1-7. Systematic Apologetics course and workshops (Krasnodsr, Russia)
May 19-21. Creation Science International Conference (Kiev)
May 23-28. Systematic Apologetics course at Bible Institute (Kiev)
June 9-11. Biblical Preaching ministers retreat (Sakee)
June 18-28. ‘God of History’ children camp (Beregovoye)
June 30 – July 2. Youth ministries conference (Kiev).

We are sorting out the schedule for the rest of the year events, including three more trips to Russia and one to Byelorussia. What a glorious year can it be God willing! We highly appreciate your prayers, support, care, encouragement, feedback!

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