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In 2011
Listening about Birth of Jesus at public school
newsletter feb2011a

We experience the longest Christmas season in our ministry this year - it lasted even through middle February. Kids in schools and orphanages enjoyed the Gift of Gratitude musical, so much - they ask the tutors to show them the movie again and again as well as tell their friends about it. This opens new doors of opportunities. It is illegal to come and preach Christ at public schools, unless speaker is invited by children and/or their patents. Because the movie touches the issue of children with cancer

Teaching Systematic Apologetics
newsletter feb2011b

(a big problem in Ukraine after Chernobyl nuclear disaster) and because kids like the show, we are getting invitations to some public schools and able to tell about the birth of Jesus and the hope we have in Him to classes with a mix of children from secular, Christian, Muslim and Jewish families (see the picture attached). Please pray for the seeds planted!

During the last half of the month we made our annual two weeks trip to the Red Belt (the most pro-Kremlin pro-communist, most criminal region) of the country. We were based at the campus of Donetsk Christian University teaching Systematic Apologetics course there, using the rest of the time visiting with ministers and missionaries in the region. God amazingly guided and protected us all the time including the ways there and back in a blizzard, sometimes on a black ice.

Bible and Dinosaurs seminar for children
newsletter feb2011c

God opened many doors to spread the Good News of Jesus and of rooting believers in the truth of the Scripture starting with the very foundation of it - the Book of Genesis. The trip was an extremely blessed time of teaching, of doing seminars, workshops and even talk-show, of inspiring meeting with preachers, missionaries, schools and universities students and their teachers (see some pictures attached). It is always a great encouragement to see how God works even in the most unfriendly conditions.

Bible and Medicine workshop
newsletter feb2011d

One of the greatest evidences of the wickedness of the world was a testimony of a National University Biology department student. After reading some of our books she went to her Biology professor and asked him directly: is it through that natural evolution theory is based on unproved presuppositions and has so many problems? He answered: yes, but various versions of the theory try to handle all these problems in different ways, so she can decide herself which version of the Evolution to accept. The only thing she should not do is reading of Creation Science books because they will lead her to God. How would you like this? The guy knows what he is doing! Please pray for that particular student – may the Lord help her to find the truth!

Preaching at the University
newsletter feb2011e

More meetings with teachers and parents during that trip have finally convinced us on the one hand in desperate need for Science Christian textbooks, on the other hand that this is the task we are responsible for. The Lord called us for the ministry of apologetics, equipped for it, and provided us opportunity to impact many people and churches. And who knows whether we have not attained this level for such a task as this? The task is enormous - we are speaking about 18-22 volumes! Please keep this project your prayers particularly. Pray for God’s guidance in it, for funds, for everyone who involved in the project (we have four teams working on it!)

newsletter feb2011f

A big dream on the textbooks does not cancel everything else we are doing, and Creator summer children camp is still among our priorities. It keeps snowing outside, but summer is ahead. Therefore at the very last say of winter we had a next camp planning meeting. The curriculum we are developing and going to field test at the camp this year is named "Creator of History". The main focus of it is a history of civilizations from biblical point of view. It will include ten lessons that will give the children an account of the human history, show how the Lord worked in the lives of people and nations throughout the ages, and what He is still doing for everyone of us. One entire lesson will be devoted to Ice Age civilizations - a great evidence for the truth of the Bible and a missing link in understanding the connection of a post-flood and "traditional" history.

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