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In 2011
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Extremely exciting month has started with a week of intensive training of the Saint Petersburg (Russia) Christian University students group from all grades (see the picture attached). We were not teaching at this school and in that area before. It was very joyful to expand both the geography of the ministry and the network of people of God we work with. Praised be the Lord!

While our first “landing team” still was at St.Petersburg (Russia), and the second one traveled around Ukraine supplying with resources leaders conferences at Kiev and Donetsk, a great door of opportunity has opened - we were invited to make a presentation on Creation Science need in education at National Academy of Pedagogy (the organization that supervises educators training and qualifications) conference in few days! That was quite a surprise!

The conference "The Role of Creation Science in Education"
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A use of Christian textbooks on Science in the public schools is hard to expect soon. All the schools in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and other post-communist countries use one and the same curriculum - the one formally approved by their Ministries of Education and represent exclusively atheistic approach. State monopoly on children's education is the heritage of communism we still experience. Nevertheless providing the alternative textbooks we have started a guerilla war against this monster. Teachers who are excited with our textbooks are incorporating ideas from them into their in-class lessons or using them for optional lessons. Parents are starting to use them to help their children to understand the world in a biblical way. Our brothers-in-arms from the Christian Lawyers Association, encouraged by the textbooks, are starting a crusade for the legalization of home schooling (not many could understand what home schooling is about before they see the textbooks first). We did not want to miss the opportunity to impact top educators and with phone, e-mail and Skype (praised be the Lord for the technologies!) we have arranged a third landing team to go there.

The conference "The Role of Creation Science in Education"
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The conference was attended by a number of Pedagogical Sciences National Academy members, some Ministry of Education representatives and members of Parliament, some schools headmasters and colleges presidents. Our goal was to show that the proper education model based on Christian values can not be developed without an academic freedom of introducing the students with the facts that would help them to think critically about naturalistic views on life and Universe origin and evolution. Our team have delivered a paper "The Role of Creation Science in Education" and presented a lot of printed resources. For the first time in former Soviet Union a Christian curriculum on Science was presented at the conference of secular educators! Praised be the Lord!

Both the oral presentation and the printed resources raised a great interest (see the pictures attached). Some ways to develop a productive dialog with secular educators were explored. That could be a first step in supplying the textbooks with 'Recommended as Optional Source' classification of approval by the Ministry of Education, and this will give more freedom to teachers since they will be not blamed anymore for the Ministry instructions violation by using Creation Science books. Please join our prayers for the seeds that were planted!

After brief gathering of the teams at home for regrouping and refilling the supplies of materials, we went to different directions again. The most exciting experience of the last half of the month was taking part in the '20 Years of Religious Freedom' mission forum for the leaders of key national missions of the former Soviet Union countries. I was given an opportunity to deliver an opening presentation on the need for the church worldview transformation as well as to facilitate a discussion group on the missions in the region (see the pictures attached). The participants of the Forum were also highly impressed, excited as well as surprised to find out about Christian textbooks on Science existence. This is amazing, but very few of Christian ministers as well as Christian educators in our part of the world realize how important science is for the one's worldview shaping. Communists, who abused the concept of science for brainwashing people with atheism, made them believe on the other hand that faith is the area of humanities and has nothing to do with "real" world. Most of Christians do not realize how important doctrines of Creation and fall for the redemption in Jesus understanding are!

'20 Years of Religious Freedom' mission forum
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As a result of the discussion we came up with the plans to make two special conferences next year on the Creation for key people who will be able to pass the message to others. The first one, in March, is going to be for the church leaders to introduce them importance of the Creation biblical account for Christian message. Another one, during fall school break, - for Christian schools headmasters, on the importance of Creation Science in school education for shaping the worldview of students. Please keep these ideas in your prayers!

Creation Education Round Table
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Whatever fruitful the month was, it ended with another exciting news: the giant has staggered! Our fellows of Christian Lawyers Association have managed to arrange a round table discussion on the need for teaching Creation in public schools right at the Science and Education Ministry of Ukraine! (See the picture attached) The key premise they use is a paragraph of the Ukrainian Constitution on the freedom of the worldview choice people have. Christians demonstrated that the public schools curricula limit that freedom by representing naturalistic worldview only. The Ministry of Education representative had to agree that teaching Creation as an alternative view does not violate any law. She even recognized that some teachers do teach both alternatives already. But only few teachers do it - those who are aware of the issue. The key obstacle - she said - is absence of textbooks that represent Creation. This is exactly the moment when our textbook project was mentioned to destroy that last argument. The discussion was video recorded and those statements will be used in the video for instructing school teachers how to use the textbooks in the most effective way. May the Lord be praised!

This is amazing to see ho God acts in several directions at the same time! Please keep praying for the textbooks project and for demolishing the naturalistic curricula monopoly in public schools. This exciting victory does not finish the war but only starts it I afraid. The Ministry of Education is far from the consensus on the issue and at any moment they may say that the person at the roundtable discussion expressed just a personal opinion. We should be ready for a long siege of that stronghold I believe. But any long way starts with the first step. And God makes it through our partnership! I highly appreciate your fraternal care, support and prayers in this journey!

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