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In 2011
Lena Loubyaneetskaya
newsletter october2011 1
Vadeem Tsaretson
newsletter october2011 2

The key event of the month is an approval of the leadership roles change made by the ministry board at its annual meeting. According to the strategy and priorities shift for training and equipping young Christians to teach others Evangelism and Apologetics, my former responsibilities are going to be shared with others in the team by forming executive committee of the ministry. It makes the leadership of the ministry more effective, more flexible and more sustainable. So far committee includes three persons: myself, Vadeem Tsaretson as anExecutive Director and Lena Loubyaneetskaya as a Director of Operations. Both Vadeem and Lena became involved in our ministry from the time they were students. Through the years they grew as skillful and capable leaders. Their incorporation into the executive committee does not imply new obligations on them but recognizes their actual roles, though it makes them to share my load of responsibilities accordingly. Their model can be anencouragement for many young Christians who are going to be involved into our ministry. Please pray for these young laborers of the Lord, and for His guidance in this new phase of our ministry.

The most special for us was taking part in East-European Leadership Forum in Kiev. The Forum involved socially active Christians from Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Armenia. Though it was announced quite in a short term, we decided to go there any way hesitating to loose this great opportunity to equip Christian leaders for effective proclaiming of God's truth. The decision was right - our seminars were the most attended, as well as we distributed all materials we had. Many new contacts were developed there. The most valuable are the ones with Byelorussia and Armenia since we do not have our ministry coordinators in those countries yet. Please keep this development in your prayers.

East-European Leadership
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East-European Leadership
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At the same time we were at East-European Leadership Forum, another group was presenting our educational materials at the National School Books Fair. The fair was attended by more then 1500 people, mostly teachers and other educators. Many were excited and most were surprised to see Christian books on Science - this is the very first precedent in former Soviet Union! Some teachers started to study the books right at the display. Some who show a real interest to the books but can not afford them (teachers are among the most underpaid people in our part of the world) got the books as a gift. So, the ripples keep flowing! Please pray for those teachers to have creativity and courage to implement the truth they find in the books in their lessons.

The ministry to public school teachers, Sunday school teachers and parents through Science textbooks (we got the second volume, God’s Design for Human Body, off the press - praised be the Lord!) is completely new area for us. Most of school teachers and big families’ parents can not afford computers, and we get handwritten letters from them often. Here are a couple of recent ones:

East-European Leadership
newsletter october2011 5
God’s Design for Human Body

"textbook is a great contribution to our work of introducing the biblical worldview to children, and strengthening them in it. A very special feature of the book is addressing different age groups. First to eight grades students will study its lessons with interest. Continuity can be traced throughout the book and applied to every lesson, in spite of such a wide age range. Students of 3-5 grades cleverly indicated as "chrysalides" would be glad to repeat the material with "caterpillars" of 1-2 grades. At the same time "butterflies", who study at 6-8 grades would pass through what they have learned as "caterpillars" and "chrysalides". What I find most important is advanced learning opportunity. Curious "caterpillars" would love to have a sneak peak to the lessons for older students to find out "what the upperclassmen study", and feel older, involved in the same system of education.

I would like to highlight another feature of the curriculum - every lesson includes hands-on assignments that are easy to accomplish, and do not require special conditions! The practical part encourages children to learn theory better. Every experiment has a clear goal, a list of necessary materials, well-defined stages, a reminder on safety regulations, and the conclusions. A great thing about the curriculum is a vocabulary for every lesson with additional words. There are also columns "fun fact" and "taking it further" for the most curious ones.

National School Books Fair
newsletter october2011 10

I find it very convenient that the course consists of 35 lessons. That corresponds to one -hour class a week throughout the school year. Such schedule is the best for Sunday schools. It would suit parents, who teach family Bible class once a week as well, especially in large Christian families with many children of different age. The curriculum will help parents to monitor and correct the information that the children are learning. I like interdisciplinary connections in each lesson. The curriculum will equip children with knowledge from various areas of science: geography, chemistry, physics, astronomy etc. The authors have developed a sufficient teaching approach "from knowledge to convictions"." Y.S. Tumanskaya, first category educator, elementary school teacher

"Sunday school teachers of our church use "God's Design for Science. Our Planet Earth" textbook. They are pleasantly surprised to find the material so easy for them to teach and for children to learn. We realize the need in developing such curricula - it opens minds of our Sunday school students" Rev. Ilya Malyutin, Russian Orthodox priest

Small Group Retreat House
newsletter october2011 6

Please join our prayers for the publishing of the rest of Science textbooks scheduled for this year, as well as for the next year part of the project.

On the return from the Forum and the fair, we went to our Small Group Retreat House with our youth worship teamwhere spent three extremely valuable days in worship, prayers, studies and fellowship. Most probably this is going to be the last retreat of the year - night freezing is coming close, and we will have to conserve / lay up the facilities till spring.

While our retreat house is going to be closed for winter, we do continue with our regular ministries: publishing, media production, providing videos and audios for local broadcast in regions, and definitely, distant teaching - through computers and by DVDs. All our coordinators have computer access, and all outlines and Power Point presentations are available for online download, so they use them in their teaching to people who does not have computers. But many who do have Internet access are getting the materials from our site directly. Here is a feedback message we got just today:

"I am using materials of Christian Center for Science and Apologetics for a long time. It is an extremely important ministry that translates, produces and distributes a lot of resources - books, videos and curricula. All my requests are always responded immediately with accuracy, care and encouragement. I can not imagine how I would defend the truth without the CCSA resources! You are doing God's work, brothers!" Yevgeniy Chebikin - Yekaterinburg, Russia.
National School Books Fair
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And, after all, I still have some visiting teaching responsibilities at Christian schools, though I have reduced the schedule to one teaching trip a month to key schools only:

November - St.Peterburh Christian University (Russia)
December - Minsk Theological Seminary (Byelorussia)
January - Donetsk Christian University (Ukraine).

Please keep praying for our ministry, for all our projects, for our team, for our families, for God’s guidance in everything we do. You are in our prayers as well.

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