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In 2010

retreat house2bretreat house3bThe month has started with an unexpected invitation to come with the seminars on Science and the Bible for the community of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. It worked pretty well. The guests and the hosts were shocked mutually. We were shocked to find out over again how much our para-scientific circles (both those who consider themselves as atheists and as 'believers') are impacted by the New Age ideas! The shock for them was the very possibility to discuss the book of Geneses in the terms of science and find sense in it! Please join our prayers for the seeds were planted.

Great news came from Central Asia. The very first paper on Biblical Creationism got all necessary approvals and was published in Uzbek academic magazine! It was the first part of my book on the Noah’s Flood. The editor hesitates to make any promises about on the publishing of the following parts of the book before getting a feedback on the first one, nevertheless the precedent is made. Now brethren can refer on that officially approved publication when asked by the authorities. Praised be the Lord!

retreat house5bretreat house7bAlso, a local leader of Evangelical Students Fellowship (a youth movement we partner in any way we can) went for doing our Evangelism Strategy seminars in Kyrgyzstan - the geography of our impact expands into one more post-communist country! Please keep safety and effectiveness of his trip in your prayers!

God is good! With the Lord’s guidance as well as with your prayers and support we have ourSmall Groups Retreat House completed already! It took forty days and forty nights only for us to do both the purchase and the remodeling of the facilities (see the pictures attached). The first training retreat in the facilities is going to be started on October 7. Please join our praises to the Lord!

retreat house4bretreat house10bRight now we are doing the very last preparations for the Creation Science colloquium (October 15-17). The goal of the colloquium is to bring together top Creationists researchers of FSU to discuss the strategy of invasion the academia from inside in the context of new political and cultural realities. Please keep the upcoming Summit in your prayers.

At the end of October, while the team will work on the preparation for new projects, Olga and I would like to take some days off. The year was so blessed with the ministry opportunities, we even had no time to slow down to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Now we want just cross the Black Sea and make our old dream the true - to visit the sites of Bosporus, Dardanelles, Troy, Ephesus and other sites of Paul's ministry and early church history in Asia Minor as time will allow. While flying to distant places I have collected enough bonus miles to visit something near by.

Please pray for our ministry, all our projects, all our team, for our families, for God’s guidance in everything we do.

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