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In 2010
newsletter feb2010a
University Assignment
newsletter feb2010d

I highly appreciate your prayers for the attempt of Ph.D. dissertation defense on Theology as an academic discipline! It can make really a great precedent for the education in former Soviet Union. I would count the proposal hearing meeting as a big progress. The proposal got "B" grade after all. No doubt, lot of criticism came out. Some comments were just technical and I am going to consider them, but some were fundamental, and I am not going to compromise the ultimate goal of entire the effort and make it just another secular paper about religion. The defense is scheduled for March 31. Please keep it in your prayers.

As for February, the key event of the month was supposed-to-be just a teaching trip to Donetsk Christian University - the best Christian school in former Soviet Union located right in the criminal/ideological center of the Ukrainian Red Belt. (Red Belt is the area so desperately longing for the times of Moscow totalitarian control - they outvoted the rest of the country at the recent elections bringing their illiterate twice sentenced criminal pro-Moscow fellow countrymen to the president office. Now every public school will have an official portrait of the guy posted at the place of honor as a sign for kids that one's prospects do not depend on one's morals)!

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newsletter feb2010h

The only thing we planned initially there besides teaching was making arrangements for the Second Eurasian Apologetics Summit we are going to do in June right at the campus of DCU. As I wrote before, the Summit is going to be the most exciting project we anticipate this year, where leading apologists of post-communist part of the world will come together to discuss and develop a vision and responsibility for specific national ways for effective outreach in their countries. Please keep it in your Prayers as well.

However God’s plans for our trip were much bigger and more exciting then we ever could imagine! May be this is just a conflict of expectations and reality, but it looks to me like the thirst for the word of God is considerably higher in general in the regions where procommunist pro-Kremlin mentality prevails comparing to the regions introduced to the democracy to some extend. It looks like the conclusion we made after the trip to Kharkov last month was right: worse political and economical situation makes the church more desperate for solid biblical truth. Any way, what planned to be just a regular (though joyful) course on Systematic Apologetics course (biblical grounding, strategy, methodology, philosophy, history, ethics, science, etc.) teaching experience became a great adventure with new plans and opportunities coming every day!

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newsletter feb2010f

Firstly, the students have invited me to share the message at the chapel, and after that couple churches wanted it to be shared with their congregations as well. Then "Gloria" Christian School (the only one in entire region) finding out that our team is there has contacted the university administration and arrange the change in the schedule to allow us to teach on Creation for their high school students as well. And it was even a greater joy to find some kids there who are highly interested in Creation Science reading and sharing everything available on it! They are the part of our network witnessing Biblical truth to their friends and even to their teachers. Please pray fore them.

At the end of the first week of teaching we decide to made a conference for the pastors of the churches(who can teach the congregations afterwards) of the area instead of accepting individual invitations to the churches, since our schedule was full already. We expected about 100 persons to come but got twice more! Many of them were highly looking for the ways to reestablish solid biblical foundation of the Church. A pastor of the church at small coal miners settlement Oogledahr (literally - "a gift of coal") shared about deep inner renewal their church is going through now - the services last hours longer because of many believers praying and confessing their sins publicly. Who knows - may be not at the places everyone enjoys freedom to preach the Good News freely, but within small congregations of the Red Belt real awakening is about to come? Please join our prayers for that church at Oogledahr as well as for other churches at miners settlements of the area.

Central Church
newsletter feb2010j
Christian Schoolteachers
newsletter feb2010e

By the end of the trip, when we gave up any time of rest and had our schedule full up to the ears we got a call from... Public Schools Teachers Advanced Training Regional Institute! They also found out somehow that our team is in the city as well as got feedbacks on our previous seminars to their colleagues at other places and ask us to deliver the same seminars on Science and Religion to them! We contacted Christian teachers we had a commitment to discuss related issues with at the very last afternoon of our schedule, and ask if they could come to PSTATRI instead, so we can kill two birds with one stone. And again, the interest was extremely high. The auditorium was packed - people were seating in the aisles. Having about 10% of Christian teachers (see the picture attached) within the general group helped to direct the discussion in the constructive way from the very beginning.

Never before we came back so worn out and so happy at the same time! What had to be a routine teaching trip turned into the most effective landing party we ever had! I still hardly believe we made it all! Please pray for all seeds planted there!

Isn’t all above sufficient reason to be thankful to God for the miracles He is doing? But His grace is even greater! Two messages came during the month from Uzbekistan related to my book "Global Flood - Myth, Legend or Fact?". Uzbek translation of the book was very long and painful project. It was dropped and picked up several times because of the lack of faithful experts on the one hand and danger of persecutions on the other. The joyful news came right before we left for Donetsk – the translation is done! Praised be the Lord!

Doubting it can be published in the country soon we made it available online so far (flood_uzb.pdf)

However right on the return we have got unbelievably exciting news from the historian who became actively involved in apologetics encouraged at Central Asian Apologetics Summit. She managed to submit the book for publication through Writers Union of Uzbekistan (a state-controlled organization that has monopoly on the permissions for publishing in the country - the very way it used to be in entire Soviet Union before communism collapse). Now they plan to publish it chapter after chapter at their The Star of East magazine first, and after that (probably - if no objections come up) - as a book. While the book is on the history and geology formally, it tells clearly about the Genesis record relevance actually, and it can be published safely and legally with the officials’ approval! Unbelievable! Praised be the Lord!

Actually that is exactly how our entire publishing ministry in Ukraine got started 17 years ago - the same book, the same way. We made a precedent first through publishing that very book chapter by chapter in a magazine, then since legally the title was published that way already we published it as a book - the first national Creation Science book published in former Soviet Union, and that precedent opened the avenue for our other publications, currently reaching the total number of 123 (96 titles) for the glory of the Lord! So the publication in Uzbekistan well could be the beginning of proclaiming the Bible accuracy, veracity and relevance in the Muslim environment of Central Asia through Creation Science books publishing! Please pray for that opportunity.


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