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In 2010

It is hard to believe the month is over. It is even harder to believe everything happened did happen in just a month! God is good! Praised be His name!

newsletter june2010anewsletter may2010bThe month has started with Eurasian Apologetics Summit at Donetsk. The Summit really became the most strategically important event in several years of our ministry. Key leaders of apologetics ministries in former Soviet Union countries spent together four fruitful days of workshops and forums (see the pictures attached) sharing vision, ideas, and experience for the most affective ways of spreading Good News of Jesus Christ in postcommunist societies. The Summit was also an inspection of apologetics movement development. Four years of Eurasian Apologetics Society existence (it was established at the first Summit in 2006) gave birth to three more self-governed apologetics and creation evangelism ministries and raised a great cohort of faithful volunteers all over the countries. A great time of fellowship, prayer, discussions and studies we spend together became a great motivation, encouragement and inspiration for everyone. Here is some feedback we are receiving from the Summit participants:

newsletter june2010cnewsletter june2010d

- Summit had a great impact on evangelism in countries of the former Soviet Union and Asia.

- Every issue discussed at the forum was very useful, and what is the most important, it encouraged the participants to act. The meeting made me think about issues that I have never thought of before. I would like to thank the organizers for the time I have spent so fruitfully. I liked the most the agenda interesting for both moderators and participants, and there was enough time for fellowship. 

- This meeting was very enriching and stimulating for evangelism. I found inspiration, new ideas, and clear vision at the Summit. I am very thankful to the Lord and the administration for brotherly love and gentleness. The Summit was informative, useful and worthy. 

- It was interesting and informative. The agenda was good. There was a good representation from many parts of the former Soviet Union. The organization was perfect! 

- A great evidence of the successfulness of the summit was the intensity of communication and fellowship that we all observed and took part in. 

- Super!

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However we did not have time to slow down. The Lord opens a new door of opportunity while we still were at the Summit. City officials of Kharkov, a second big city in Ukraine has invited anexhibition of dinosaurs’ models from Austria to be installed for several weeks at the Lenin Square - the central square of the city and the biggest city square in Europe as they say. A Lenin monument at the square got a proper company! Amazingly, the exhibition had models of mammals (mammoth, cave bear) and even humans alongside with the dinosaurs. Entrance was free of charge and the place became very popular immediately; however no any guidance or information were provided - people only walked and watched the figures wondering about the creatures.

We decided to take that opportunity and sent all booklets on the dinosaurs we had in Russian to our volunteers in the city who were giving them out to the visitors at the site entrance/exit. People were happy to get any related information, and were receiving solid biblical perspective provided! We have ordered an urgent print of more copies of the booklets - as many as the volunteers were able to distribute there. But God has arranged the project in a special way. The security guys were touched by the passion of the volunteers and allow them to distribute the booklets right inside at the exhibition territory! Thousands of booklets were distributed as a result. Please find pictures attached and join our prayers for the harvest out of the seeds planted.

Vision Institute
newsletter june2010h
Camp - Focus on the Cross
newsletter june2010j

In the middle of the month we were presenting a training course on Creation Scienceat a regional branch of the 'The Vision' International Christian Leadership Institute. What usually makes the greatest project of a month was just an interlude between the greater projects this time. Nevertheless it was a real joy to see how exciting is to discover the truth about Creation for believers who were brainwashed about science as an enemy of faith (see a picture attached)! The Lord has sent me even greater encouragement at the very first day of teaching. A young man approached me after the classes and introduced himself as Maxim a son of Yriy, my college time friend who became a politician later on and we almost did not communicated after the graduation. Last time I met Yriy ten years ago, when I was with Christ already. I tried to share Jesus with him, but without success. Nevertheless he took a video cassette with 'Science and the Bible' seminars. When Yriy came home, his son, a teenager back then, watched through the videos and gave his life to Jesus! Now he serves the Lord. Praised be the Lord working beyond our expectations! We agreed with Maxim to keep praying for his father together.   

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The last but not least project of the month was ‘Creator’ ten days children camp. It was just great despite of storms and heavy rainfalls (we were able to arrange swimming at the sea for the children three times only in ten days!). It was a great joyful time of fun, games, picnics, activities exploring together God's purpose for humanity and our role in it (see the pictures attached). The strategic purpose of the camp was field testing of the curriculum, and it went pretty well. After the proper adjustments the curriculum will be offered to churches and ministries to use at the camps, day camps, Sunday schools etc.
Students Movement Leaders
newsletter june2010i

Evangelical Students Fellowship camp was going at the same time in one hour driving distance from our camp and I was going there from time to time for doing the workshops on the various aspects of the Bible veracity. It was a big joy as well to share the value of the God's word with young people committed for bringing their generation to Jesus (see a picture attached).

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