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In 2010

The month got started with joyful news - our materials are in use now by one of the most popular TV programs in Russia! Through satellites and cable networks it is broadcasting in Russian across the world as well as shared through Internet at file exchange portals. I got an appreciation letter from the producer of STS TV (one of he most popular entertainment channel in Russia) and the presenter of "Want to Believe" program at the channel. He writes that some our publications he got have impacted the idea of the program as well as was used specifically for several episodes - about Darwin, about Noah's Flood and about dinosaurs. I have encouraged them in response to continue with undermining wrong ideas about the world history and present the Biblical account of it. We have mailed them more of our resources they told they are going to consider as ideas for future episodes. May the Lord be glorified!

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Ostrog Academy National University
Ostrog Academy National University
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Ostrog Academy National University
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Nevertheless the greatest event of the month was conference on Supernatural Creation of the Universe - the second one organized at the campus of Ostrog Academy National University. The biblical truth was proclaimed at the plenary sessions and at the sections of the conference. We also supplied a humanities department of the schools with a set of our materials (see pictures attached). "National University" is the highest status a school can have in former Soviet Union. Only six schools in Ukraine have it. So it is stillhard even to imagine for many how a public school can host a conference like this one. However now we can speak about atendency, not just a precedent. Another school of the same range - Kiev-Mohyla National University at Kiev arranged a conference on atheism a month ago, so atheists understood they have to defend their position now! "For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men" (1 Peter 2:15).

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Youth Conference Russia

At the same time another team of our ministry was doing a youth conference at Smolensk where they had an opportunity to share the experience and resources with more then 350 youth leaders of Central Russia - Smolensk, Pskov, Kursk, Orel, Bryansk and Moscow regions as well as some from Byelorussia and Estonia (see the pictures attached). The conference committee got an opportunity to meet with a media company very interested in using our material for a TV program broadcasted on a regional channel. The conference was organized in the partnership with Andrey Gursky, our former manager who now moved to Russia and started independent ministry there. Praised be the Lord for the ripple effect and multiplication He provides for the spread of the truth!

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Melitopol a training course on using media at children and youth camps

The last but not the least big event was our video production team trip to Melitopol where they offered a special training course on using media at children and youth camps. For a week a group of various camp ministries representatives studied and practiced all aspects of video production - from a script writing to postproduction (see the picture attached). Our team shared also the experience we got at the camps as well as producing our videos and documentaries. Here are some feedbacks from the workshop:

- "Praised be the Lord for giving me the opportunity to take the course! I have learned and understood a lot. I even got to do some myself. The material is great and the teacher is super. If next year there will be a chance to take the advanced course I would be glad to. It was a wonderful course but a short one unfortunately." Konstantin Sotskiy, Poltava
- "The course was very useful for me. It showed me the direction in which I need to develop. Thank you very much for the good presentation of the material, and for creative approach to teaching." Sergei Goncharov, Dimitrov
- "I am very thankful to the Lord for the material. He always teaches us something new. I thank Him for giving patience and wisdom to our teacher. I liked both the theoretical and the practical parts of the course. May the Lord bless you abundantly. May your hearts always be filled with love and joy, your tongue with wisdom, your eyes with trust, your hands with kindness, and may your feet always follow Him." Irina Matveichuk
Dinosaurs and the City
newsletter may2010l

The Lord opens a new door of opportunity. A city officials of Kharkiv, a second big city in Ukraine has invited an exhibition of dinosaurs models from Austria to be installed for several weeks at the Lenin Square - the central square of the city and the biggest city square in Europe as they say (a Lenin monument at the square has a great company now!). Amazingly, the exhibition has models of mammals (mammoth, cave bear) and even humans alongside with the dinosaurs (see the pictures attached). Entrance is free of charge and the place became very popular, however no any guidance or information provided - people only walk and watch the figures wondering about the creatures. We decided to take that opportunity and are sending all booklets on the dinosaurs we have in Russian to our volunteers in the city who are going to give them out to the visitors of the site. I believe people will be happy to get any related information, and solid biblical perspective is the best we can provide! We have ordered a print of more copies of the booklets - as many as the volunteers will be able to distribute there. Please keep this opportunity in your prayers - may the Lord use it for His glory!

Dinosaurs and the City
newsletter may2010m

The greatest our focus through the month was doing the last preparations before going with our entire team to Eurasian Apologetics Summit at Donetsk and preparation for CREATOR children camp on June 21-30 I am asking your prayers for. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful team of volunteers who would like to work there as coaches. The children programs manager Irina is going to do a retreat for the camp staff presenting there a workshop on children’s’ psychology and a detailed review of the curriculum. The curriculum that we are going to field test this year is called “I Wonderfully Made”. Please pray for the safety, for weather, for the staff, and especially for the children to learn to be good missionaries to their families and friends.

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