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In 2010

The trip to Rovno (Western Ukraine) was the most exciting experience of the month. We came back extremely tired but extremely happy with everything the Lord used us there for! Praised be His name!

After visiting the region a couple years ago we have some volunteers actively involved with Apologetics ministry who were purposefully preparing the 'landing ground' for our visit this time. Everything was arranged so well - we were leaving the place we stayed at early morning and coming back late night every day! Our schedule included (see the pictures attached):

newsletter april2010 1 newsletter april2010 2 
Science and Religion (i.e. the Bible) seminar for public schools teachers
newsletter april2010 3 newsletter april2010 4
Training course for evangelists of the region
 newsletter april2010 5 newsletter april2010 6
Conference for youth ministers
newsletter april2010 7 newsletter april2010 8
Biblical Foundations for Marriage youth workshop
newsletter april2010 9 newsletter april2010 10
Meetings with local ministries leaders and Preaching at the church Sunday Service
newsletter april2010 11 newsletter april2010 12
Books and videos distribution.

Any single event of above would make the trip worth of going, and having them all together was an abundant blessing! We got an opportunity to speak to 1700 people during the trip. The topping of the cake was a public school that invited us to present Science and the Bible workshop for the high grade students. We were practically preaching the Bible truth at the public school of former Soviet Union! This is hard to believe!

Ostrog Academy National University
newsletter april2010 13

On the way back home we have stopped by at the Ostrog Academy National University to supply them with our books and videos for the gifts and awards at the Young Biblical Scholars contest they had the next day, as well as to discuss some arrangements for Creation Science international conference at their campus in May. The administration of Humanities College of the University did not let us go before we do a lecture on the Science and the Bible for their students who did not have other classes at that moment. As a result our drive home took two days, but it was worthwhile - the students were very open for the Truth!

I am very glad to share an encouraging feedback I received on the 'landing party' at Rovno:

"The seminars were like a drink of fresh water. Strategy of Evangelism, Creation Science, Theology of Marriage - all your seminars cover the aspects of apologetics so necessary for Christians who otherwise doubt and do not understand their own message and speak only religious vernacular hardly understandable by people the Lord has sent us to. Today in the era of information it is very important to know the evidences that prove to the biblical truth - God is the Creator. It was very encouraging to find out that the modern science is a child of Christian worldview and many great scientists were dedicated Christians. The seminars strengthen our faith and equips the Church for sharing it with those who reject God the Creator. Thank you very much for your ministry and the time you shared with us. It was a great blessing for us. You have showed us a model for proper ministry." Sergei Terentyev, pastor. "Golgotha" evangelical church, Rovno.

What a joy is to see how expansion of our ministry impact for more and more people and regions!

Another joyful news I would like to share - our materials are in use now by one of the most popular TV programs in Russia! Through satellites and cable networks it is broadcasting in Russian across the world as well as shared through Internet at file exchange portals. I got an appreciation letter from a producer at STS TV (one of he most popular entertainment channel in Russia) and the presenter of "I Want to Believe" program at the channel. He writes that some our publications he got have impacted the idea of the program as well as was used specifically for several episodes - about Darwinism, about Noah's Flood and about dinosaurs. I have encouraged him in response to continue with undermining wrong ideas about the world history and present the Biblical account of it as well as mailed them more of our resources they told they are going to consider as a ideas for future episodes. Praised be the Lord!

Another great news - Vadim Tsaritson, our international coordinator has completed his MA studies at TCMI Institute in Austria. Please join our praises for the Lord developing and equipping our team for more effective ministry.

newsletter april2010 14 newsletter april2010 15

newsletter april2010 16 newsletter april2010 17

Students' Cuisine Contest

The wonderful ending of the month was "Who Are You" - a Students' Cuisine Contest arranged by Evangelical Students Fellowship where I had a chance to be as a speaker. The setting gave a great opportunity to tell the boys and girls about humans as God's workmanship - a delighted product the Creator has a special plan and purpose for. That was a great fun! (see the pictures attached). Please pray for the seeds planted!

Now it looks like May and June are going to be the hottest months in a year:

- Right now our team is doing the youth conference at Smolensk (Central Russia). 
- Thursday another team (including myself) is going for the Creation Science conference at Ostrog Academy National University
- we want to consolidate the last year precedent and make Creation conferences at public schools common. 
- On the weekend the first team is providing media ministries training at Melitopol (Southern Ukraine) for youth leaders and young evangelists 
- On May 21st in Kiev is going to be the first case hearing at the court about equal access to various views on Origins (Creation vs. Darwinism) in public education
- All that time - the last arrangements before Eurasian Apologetics Summit
- June 1-4 - the Summit at Donetsk
- June 12 - young medical workers and students one day conference
- June 17-19 - teaching Science and the Bible course at The Vision leadership school
- All that time - preparation for 'I Wonderfully Made" children summer camp
- June 20-30 - the camp
- All that time - coordinating regional ministries preparing their camps with use of the curricula we developed and field tested in previous years

Please join our prayers for God granting us strength, persistence and guidance to fulfill all that projects as well as other opportunities He provides. The time is short. Especially - in the context of the freedoms curtailment in our part of the world.

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