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In 2010

newsletter march2010bnewsletter march2010cWe praise the Lord for the development of the ministry He provides in different ways – geography, networking, witnessing ability, etc. The month had started with the first training course our media mobile team made in the country of Moldova – the very new region for our ministry. Ten persons of age 15-30 from various parts of the country got intensive training on using media for the ministry (see the pictures attached). Preliminary agreements were made about future workshops on various areas of apologetics and Creation Science. The geography of the message spread keeps growing!Praised be the Lord!

newsletter march2010dThe rest of the month was mostly devoted for preparing future projects of the year:

- Landing Party in Western Ukraine in April
- Creation Conference at secular university at the same region in May
- Apologetics Summit, Creation Science training course and the children camp in May
- Secular Schools Christian teachers retreat in August
- Outreach conference in Russia and Creation Research National Colloquium in October
- several smaller projects.

At the same time our approach for apologetics network development, equipment and decentralization keeps bringing the results. Kiev Bible Institute administration contacted us to tell they need someone to teach an apologetics course urgently. Though our own agenda was full, we sent out a message on the need through the network, and found a teacher for them right there in Kiev! Everyone was happy! We now can tell we have sufficient network to respond practically any need now. Praised be the Lord!

newsletter march2010a

At the end of the month I went to Kiev for the networking with people we are going to involve into the various projects, and right from there – to Odessa, where I had a defense of the dissertation (see the picture attached). Despite of some criticism (the academic secretary of the University is nonbeliever), the defense was very successful - all eight academic committee members have approved the study unanimously, sothe precedent of somebody receiving a Ph.D. in Philosophy at national school on Theology issues through a common secular procedure was made. That makes harder for atheists in academy to refuse Theology as not academic discipline. Please join our praises as well as prayers for as bigger impact as possible.

The very fact of that defense amazes me with the wisdom of our Lord, Whose plans are always greater then our ones, and everything we consider as a acme happens to be just another step forward afterwards. The dissertation I defended was the very one refused at Asbury Seminary because the study was made without the supervision their policy requires (I had to write and defend another one back then as a result). Nothing is vain in God's plan! Even more: both Ukrainian and Russian national policies require every doctoral candidate to pass three 'doctoral tests' prior to the defense: in Philosophy, in Foreign Language and in the area of Specialization. That rule was established in times of communism to 'filter out' from the defense those the officials do not want in the academia. This time I did not have neither time to take those tests nor a chance to pass them. However I did pass the doctoral tests in Philosophy and in Foreign Language twenty years ago when was about to get a degree in physics but left the university instead. So I presented the old certificate for those tests, while for the Specialization test I gave a D. Min diploma I just got at the seminary, and they count. So, even the tests I considered as useless for twenty years had their purpose God's plan! Great is our God!

The way from Odessa was a real adventure. I knew how badly Ukrainian roads are damaged by this winter, but that trip has exceeded all my expectations. A 50 miles part of the road between Odessa and Nikolaev just does not exist anymore - we were going just through the fields instead. SUV is always an advantage on our roads, especially in winter, but this time it was an obvious blessing! Now I am sorry I did not made any pictures of that show, but back then I was busy with other things :-)

The month was fruitful as well on the feedbacks (not a common thing in our culture) on our precious 'Landing parties'. Here are some:

Students feedback from "Theology of evangelism for postmodern society" training course at ZaZaZu.tv youth online broadcast ministry (Kiev): 

- I found more approaches to evangelization in the world of mass media.
- We understood the strategy of delivering the Gospel.
- It was helpful to recall the foundation of our faith and the ways to share it.
- I am going to talk to people on common, simple, understandable language.
- There were many visual examples, discussion, historical background, works of art, and proofs of facts.
- Good update in theology, examples of personal evangelization, ways to re solve controversial issues.
- If I had this training again I would sound record it

From "The Vision" International University:

We highly appreciate the courses on apologetics as well as lot of recourses the student were supplied with. The seminars provided deep systematic analysis of various aspects of apologetics, encouraged the students to grow in the area of apologetics as an effective tool for fulfilling the mission of the church. The students appreciated biblical and historical grounding of the courses especially.

From School Without Walls ministries, Kharkov:

Your seminars were extremely significant event and a wonderful blessing for Kharkov. It laid a foundation for the development of apologetic ministry in the region. We have received a great feedback from the participants, like: "The workshop showed me a new effective approach to winning people for Christ. Very interesting, comprehensive and challenging". Following goals were achieved:

1. The audience was supplied with good materials on evangelism in modern world. It was easy for understanding and encouraged the listeners for making important practical decisions. The materials revealed the very biblical concept of evangelism, and the issue was well understood by the students.
2. Schoolteachers were supplied with great materials that will have a big impact on their development. The amount of the books they were equipped with will surely satisfy all their interests. The message they received will be widely spread.
3. It was a great joy to see that people's desire to learn more and to develop further.
4. I myself was strengthened in my calling and understanding the issues of man's wholeness.
5. The seminars gave new opportunities to reach the teachers of public schools.
6. People were well equipped with useful materials for spreading the Good News. Some of them called to thank me for the opportunity. The seminar is going to bring abundant fruit in the future. I believe one day the doors of public schools, colleges and universities will be opened for us.
Praised be the Lord! 

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