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In 2010

Presentation on the theories of origins at the Lycee (elite high school) of Uzbek Information Technologies Institute
newsletter jan2010a
The Lord keeps opening new windows of opportunities. A leading speaker of our Middle Asian Apologetics Society branch (I hesitate to disclose the name for the safety reasons) got a chance to make a presentation on the theories of origins at the Lycee (elite high school) of Uzbek Information Technologies Institute (see the picture attached)! It was received with a great interest and the person was invited to tell more to the same class, as well as to make the same presentation at other classes of the Lycee. Please keep that opportunity in your prayers.

Creation Evangelism
newsletter jan2010b

Right here in Simferopol we led workshops on Creation Evangelism at the joint office offour churches (see a picture attached). At the same time our team led workshop at Kiev area for youth camps leaders on use of media for evangelism (see the pictures attached).Youth leaders from Byelorussia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan spent valuable time developing together skills and approaches of delivering the message to teenagers and young adults in the most effective way. Please pray for all the seeds planted - may the Lord be glorified!

The culmination of the month was a ‘landing party’ at Kharkov, former capital of Ukraine, an intellectual center of the Red Belt and major strongholds of atheism. The trip was very successful despite poor weather conditions on the way there and poor road conditions on the both ways (that is exactly where four wheel drive vehicle makes the difference!). God kept us safe all the way through. ButHis guidance and presence were felt especially in the ministry opportunities He provided there.

Media Workshop
newsletter jan2010c

We had three speaking appointments - at the ministry that invited us for the training, for Christian schoolteachers and at the local church (see the pictures attached). Everywhere it was accepted with great excitement - people of the Red Belt a hungry for effective ways to spread their faith and highly appreciate the vision our seminars and resources provide. Praised be the Lord! Usually church ministers are the most reluctant to new ideas - they are too busy with implementing of old ones and see anything new as an extra burden usually. But in Kharkov, at the stronghold of atheism, a couple of the ministers who observed our seminars came to me with excitement and told: "we want all pastors of our region to take those seminars!" We responded we will be happy to come again in the fall and make a special conference for the pastors of the area if they take responsibility for local logistics. Please pray for the possibility of that project with the greatest impact potential we ever had.

Media Workshop
newsletter jan2010d

The trip to Kharkov has encouraged me a lot: right in the intellectual center of the Red Belt believers proved to be more open for effective biblical approach to evangelism that involve soil preparation prior to the seeds planting. However in more comfortable regions they are happy with traditional methods focused more on information rather then transformation – the approach that produces an instant harvest which disappears as fast as it comes up “because they had no root” (what we observed in our part of the world right after the Soviet Union collapse). So, it looks like worse situation makes the church more desperate for solid biblical truth.

Beyond our regular books distribution, we have supplied three schools libraries with complete sets of our materials and started two new libraries at the churches of the area (both have our materials only so far, but want to develop their stacks eventually). Please pray for the seeds planted.

newsletter jan2010e

new door to impact postcommunist education system is opened as an outcome of several last year projects. During my studies at seminary I found out that the dissertation I wrote prior to the studies (according to the European way to do it) does not work there since the seminary approach requires entire research made under their supervision, so I had to make a different one during the studies, and was about to forget about the first one afterwards.

newsletter jan2010f

However at the conferences we run through the year the Lord provided some connections that make possible an attempt to defend a dissertation here in Ukraine for Ph.D. degree in Theology if someone apply for it. If that works, that would be the very first doctoral degree ever issued in the former Soviet Union on Theology (which was never considered an academic discipline here before because of the entirely materialistic education system), and create extremely important precedent in postcommunist world!

So, I came up with an idea to apply with my first paper (refused by the seminary) for it. That changes practically nothing for myself, however if it will work, the precedent may impact postcommunist academia considerably! After the discussion, the board of our ministry has decided that I have to take a chance with it while the door is still open. However political turmoil influences the life here in Ukraine considerably and there was no opportunity to make the proposal hearing before Ukraine presidential elections saga ends (this is hard to believe, but even academic hearing on Theology could be considered as illegal way of political propaganda prior to the elections ending!). The second run of the elections is on Sunday February 7; therefore the proposal hearing is scheduled for February 10 (to get it into the time frame between the elections and the inauguration that will effect the Ministry of Education leadership change). Pleasekeep that opportunity in your prayers.

newsletter jan2010g
newsletter jan2010h

Another big event of the upcoming month is going to be ‘landing party’ at Donetsk, Red Belt “working class” and mafia center. I am going to teach a complete course on Systematic Apologetics at Donetsk Christian University for the ministers of the region as well as we going to arrange a day pastors’ conference on effective ways of evangelism like we did in Kharkov for Christian schoolteachers.

At DCU we also expect an intensive discussion of the arrangements for the greatest event we plan for the year - Second Eurasian Apologetics Summit in June, since we want to use DCU campus as a venue for it. The Summit is going to be the most exciting project we anticipate this year, where leading apologists of post-communist part of the world will come together to discuss and develop a vision and responsibility for specific national ways for effective outreach in their countries. Please keep that project in your prayers as well.


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