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In 2010
newsletter november2010b

newsletter november2010cThe first among the exciting events of the month was the very first retreat we made at our own venue for our own team. It was extremely valuable time of fellowship, prayers, mutual encouragement and equipping for the future service (see the pictures attached). We were not making retreats for several years, and now the one we arranged at our own venue was an obvious blessing we praise the Lord for especially!

A weekend of teaching colleges Christian students national movement leaders on following Jesus was a very special blessing as well. They were amazed how deeply Gospel is rooted in Old Testament, especially - in Genesis. But even more questions were raised on the book of Job as an actual event, not a parable. It was real joy to explore the Scripture together with youth using the questions they were coming up with. Praised be the Lord for young followers of Him who desire to learn how to spread the Good News of Him in the most effective way!

We have started a new ongoing project this month called DF - “Donkeys and the Farm”. We were highly encouraged by the Dinosaurs and the City (DC) project success (see newsletter_june2010). Our culture experiencesgeneral apathy to religion currently. People do not take the brochures at the streets anymore, or throw them away without reading usually. However at the dinosaurs’ exhibition thousands of people were excited to get our booklets with the biblical perspective, because it provided them information exactly on the issue they were curious about right at the moment! Considering the way we could apply the experience, we decide to make a ‘missionary station’ out of the popular place in Crimean Mountains - a Donkey Farm. The first private donkey farm in former Soviet Union provides the visitors an opportunity to see real donkeys (for many urban people – for the first time in their life), have a donkey ride and get a cool souvenir - a Donkey Driving newsletter november2010aLicense. Children love the place, but adults enjoy it very much as well (see a picture attached). We developed good relationships with the farm owner coming there for fun during retreats, conferences and even at recent Creation Science Colloquium (see newsletter_october2010). Following the DC outreach model we have developed a booklet that tells interesting facts about donkeys - how wonderfully and purposefully they are designed, how people use them through the history. A lot of mentioning donkeys in the Scripture allowed providing the review of the Bible and telling the Good News after all. Thousands of people visit the farm during a year. We got an agreement with the farm staff that they will supply everyone with the copy of the booklet alongside with the Donkey Driving License. We believe it will be very effective way to spread the Good News. Please keep it in your prayers.

However the main focus of the month was prospective planning for various areas of the ministry development and the conclusions we came to. It looks like God wants us to go in a new strategically important direction. Considering the priorities in correspondence with the needs of the Church in former Soviet Union countries, we over and over coming to the idea of a need for publishing Christian textbooks on Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Astronomy, etc.) for schoolchildren and their parents. A great need we feel in our part of the world is the resources to correct at homes the impact of the post-communist state education monopoly. Almost nothing changed in the system of education here after the communism collapse. The state still has a monopoly on school education. Home schooling is not allowed. All state approved textbooks provide exclusively atheistic Darwinian interpretation of the facts. We are loosing next generation - the situation undermines the future of our current achievements. As Hitler put it, 'one who controls school textbooks, controls the nation'. The strategic need is to destroy unlimited atheistic control in children education by the way of equipping Christian children and their parents with proper alternative textbooks that could on the one hand help them to be better students at school, and on the one hand to reveal the fallacies of atheism.

The importance of supplying believers with the resources that can serve as an atheism-free Christian supplement to public schools curricula - the books that could help Christians of post-communist world in rooting themselves and their children in Biblical worldview, - is felt by many. For instance, here is a note from the records of Creation Science Colloquium we had in October: "All the participants of the Colloquium emphasized the great need our culture experiences for Christian children's literature. Science textbooks for family education need to be published as an addition to public school textbooks, because children do not get an opportunity to hear the right interpretation of scientific facts."

We are going to take this challenge. Please pray for us since this is pretty ambitious venture – nobody was doing anything like this before in our part of the world. For the beginning we consider various options on translation some Western textbooks that meet our requirements of being reasonably culturally appropriate, affordable, and available for getting the translation rights on.

On the other hand we realize that the translation of even the best foreign textbooks will not match the traditional approach of education in our part of the world any way. We will need to go extra mile eventually - to develop the national Christian textbooks on Science that will fit the need perfectly. Again, we never did anything like this before, so this is going to be a great challenge for us. Please keep this project in your prayers.

However our dreams are not ended even with those overwhelming plans - even more crazy idea is coming up! Considering all the amount of the publishing we are doing currently (we published 13 books in 2010, 9 of which are new titles, 5 – by national authors) and, on the other hand, the upcoming textbooks publishing, we probably have to pray for getting our own printing press. It would reduce the print costs 30% and make our books much more affordable! Please join our prayers for this dream as well.

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