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In 2010
The conference 'The Impact of a Worldview in Science, Medicine, Education and Society' in Kursk (Central Russia)
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  The month was full with the exciting events and the very first of them was the conference 'The Impact of a Worldview in Science, Medicine, Education and Society' in Kursk (Central Russia) arranged by “Apologist” ministry, the Eurasian Apologetics Society major extension in the region. Various round-table discussions and scientific conferences were organized together with secular universities of the city within the framework of the Symposium. This approach allowed a healthy dialog about issues of origin of life and mankind, on the meaning of life, on the destiny of man, on the One who said: “I am the way, the truth and the life” in spite of differences in opinions. It was a great joy to see how God uses and expands the approach we use for outreach secular academia. Professors from various regions of Russia attended the symposium and were impacted by the ideas they would not be exposed to otherwise. Lot of young people - both students and scholars - were among them It was a great and intensive 'short-term mission to the tribes of intellectuals' (as we call the format). Please pray for the seeds planted there.

The leaders of Eurasian Apologetics Society
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Creation lessons at a public school in Moscow
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Creation lessons at a public school in Moscow
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At Kursk we have very good meeting and the discussion on the ministries expansion with the leaders of Eurasian Apologetics Society Russian brunches as well as one of the Uzbek group former leaders who is moving to Ukraine for a graduate training at theological seminary. Before the Eastern guest left Russia, he was invited to do some Creation lessons at a public school in Moscow (see the pictures attached)! Students of 3rd grade (and their teachers) listened a lesson on dinosaurs. The lesson for 7th, 8th and 9th were on Darwin and impact of his ideas in society. God really opened the door for that opportunity! Blessed be His name! Please join our prayers for the seeds planted there as well.

A conference for Sunday School teachers of Amur region
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At the same time the Far East brunch has developed a new Sunday School curriculum "Origins" and arranged a conference for Sunday School teachers of Amur region to introduce it and to train them in using it (see the pictures attached). The supply of the teacher's manuals is gone in 10 minutes - so much it is in demand! Praised be the Lord!

We have reached another milestone in our publishing ministry. Two years ago we celebrated our 100th publication. However about 20% of our publications are reprinting or new editions of previously published titles. Now we can praise the Lord for the 100th book title issued! The book is "Basics of Logic for Believers and Unbelievers". Logic was not a part of curricula in communist educational system except special philosophy department. It was a purposeful strategy to keep Christians unarmed and defenseless in the battle atheists lead against God. The need of a textbook/manual for training of Christian preachers, teachers, ministers, evangelists etc. in science and art of using logic to demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor 10:5) and to spread the Good News of Jesus effectively was felt for a while. But the vision of the book was born as a fruit of the discussions at Eurasian Apologetics Summit in May - and now the book is off the press! Most the examples and illustrations for the course of Logic are borrowed from the Bible, therefore while working on the book we found out it will be also a very good testimony of the biblical truth to unbelievers who are interested in studying Logic. That is why the release title of the book "Basics of the Logic for Believers and Unbelievers". May the Lord be praised through it!

Creation Science colloquium
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The most strategically important event not of the month only, but, possibly, of our entire ministry history was the very first in post-communist world Creation Science colloquium on Biology. I am so excited about the event - it is a start of a new movement in post-communist science I believe! The goal of the colloquium is to bring together top Creationists researchers of FSU to discuss the strategy of invasion the academia from inside in the context of new political and cultural realities. Leading biologists and biochemists from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussiaspent three days in fellowship, fruitful discussions and even some fun (see the pictures attached). Narrowing the discussions to the specific areas of Biology made the meeting extremely effective. The strategic aspects of research in the area of Creation Biology were outlined.

A decision was made to create a new Internet resource for scientific research and publications. Some important terminological issues were resolved. Since many specific terms traditionally used in Russian creation science are poor translation from English and both confusing for scientists as well as give stand for unproductive criticism. Several proper Russian terms were found. On the other hand everyone agreed on need for using the term "syngameons" instead of traditional “kind” which has different meaning in biblical and modern science contexts, or "baramin" (Hebrew for “created kind”) which uses the verb “bara” in wrong way as well as has a direct biblical connotation refused by the academia. The importance was mentioned of developing a national Creation Science tradition broken by the decades of communism. We have visited a grave of XIX biology professor Nikolay Danilevsky, whose 1500 pages book with direct and effective criticism of Darwinism is still relevant even today (see the picture attached). All the participants of the Colloquium emphasized the great need our culture experiences for Christian children’s literature. Science textbooks for family education need to be published in addition to public school textbooks, because children do not get an opportunity to hear the right interpretation of scientific facts. Please pray for the need and God’s guidance for us in it.

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