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July 2010

In 2010

newsletter july2010aThe busiest period of the year for our ministry is finally over and we have time to get the work to order. A regular busy month looks like repose after all the projects of July. Key activities beyond daily operation were providing guidance, assistance and care to the summer projects of the regional teams and coordinators, paperwork on Small Groups Retreat House purchase and remodeling and upcoming projects planning and preparation.newsletter july2010b

While June was the "hottest" month for us, July was the "hottest" month for Far East team TAO (English equivalent of Russian abbreviation for Far East Apologetics Society - a very attractive one to catch an attention for local Taoist ethnic groups). They have successfully completed Creation Evangelism camp for children of entire Far East region (see the pictures attached) newsletter july2010cusing the curriculum 'Around the World' we developed and field tested here in Ukraine last year. Children and staff spent together 12 extremely valuable and joyful days of fun, studies, prayers, worship, and fellowship. They are dreaming about the next year camp already! Everyone wants to know more about God and His creation; two teenagers (a boy and a girl) have given their lives to Jesus. Praised be the Lord!newsletter july2010d

Four of the TAOteam leaders had a chance to attend Eurasian Apologetics Summit recently, and that impacted their focus considerably - now they see their own ministry as a part of what God is doing in entire Russian-speaking World. Prior and right after the camp they were doing small group seminars withSunday schools teachers and Christian camps leaders of the area and preparing to do big conference for them in September to share vision, experience and recourses.

newsletter july2010eThe Apologetics Society of Central Asia coordinator spent the month here in Ukraine due to the newsletter july2010fministries to Muslims here and there connections We have very valuable discussions on the approaches and strategies development in the situation of the freedoms suspension in both our countries. On his way back we have filled the HDD of his laptop with the images of every DVD we could supply Central Asian team with. There is no way to mail the disks or take them through the customs as disks, but that way (DVD’s images on HDD) worked fine and the team will be able to duplicate them and spread over Central Asia. Please pray for this opportunity.


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