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In 2009

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It would take too long to describe all fun, joy and experience we had during the top event of the summer - our annual 'Creator' children camp. After long and busy preparations we spend ten wonderful days in games, studies, explorations, prayers and learning God's story of the world and His will about it and about ourselves [1].

As usually, our major goal was a field testing of the curriculum before we offer it to other camps, Sunday schools, day programs, etc. for filling the gap between what children study at public school and at the church in order to make them effective missionaries to their peers and even to their teachers. The main difference this year was the origin of the curriculum - our team has designed it from the very beginning! (We were doing the adaptations of the translated ones only previously). The curriculum deals with Earth - its physics and history - how great recent catastrophic events like the Noah's Flood and Ice Age impacted its geology and civilizations and how could we use the facts about it for proving the veracity of Genesis and the Bible in general. Two girls gave their lives to Jesus as a result, one of them - from the family of non-believers. Please pray for their growth and strengthening in Jesus as well as for the other planted seeds fruitful outcome in proper time!

At the same time our Amur team was doing the very first children camp on Christian Apologetics in the Far East [2]Please pray for the seeds planted in all apologetics camps of this summer!

“'Creator' children camp” [1]
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Far East Camp  [2].
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