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29 July 2008 In 2008

newsletter july2008bnewsletter july2008cThe message we got on the ICVM Crown Awards final verdict was great joy and encouragement for us. Our pro-life movie "Urok" (The Lesson) got the Bronze Crown Award as Best Youth Film and Gold Crown Award as Best Drama Under $250,000! May the Lord be glorified through this crowns laid at His throne and even more through the message we spread about Him!

At the same time we got another good news - representatives of TBN satellite TV channel from Estonia watched our videos somewhere and have contacted us for permission for broadcasting our programs, so the ways our materials could serve the Kingdom grow! Please pray for the seeds planted produce a harvest in God’s time.

newsletter july2008anewsletter july2008dWe have completed the outside works at the new facilities (see the pictures attached). Alongside with the regular production and distribution work we are doing Summer Media Training on the video postproduction for our youngest volunteers - they the future of the ministry. This is a final stage of the new curriculum testing before going with the workshops to Central Russia.

In the meanwhile the Lord opens another window for the message spread - a couple of small rural churches on the other (Eastern) part of the “Red Belt” rural areas (Mariupol, Makeevka, Donskoe) show a keen interest in Apologetics and Creation evangelism, and having a mobility now, we are sending there landing troops with the workshops there to explore the field for the most effective entry points of the network development.

newsletter july2008enewsletter july2008h

The generalized evangelism methods, used in the big cities during the massive missionary intervention right after the communism collapse, despite immediate visible effect produced religious indifference and apathy in the long run (see for details). However in the small towns of the “Red Belt”, the region that was the most resistant to the organized evangelistic campaigns, people still have big spiritual hunger. Our last year Balakleya landing party gives us a great hope. Now we are visiting various places of the region looking for local churches, groups, and individuals who do care about pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God; and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2Cor.10:4-5). Everyone wants to be a fast harvester, while the process of preparing the soil is long and sometimes not much visible. However this is the only way for producing a real harvest in the long run.newsletter july2008i The most interesting fact about this trip - all generations were equally present at the workshops (see the pictures attached), all of them feel the need for return to the biblical methods of evangelism. Please keep this development in your prayers.

At the same time our Amur (Far East) team have finished an Apologetics / Creation Evangelism youth camp. The camp had two shifts - for teenagers and for college students. The feedback was the same form both groups - they were amazed how much their faith in Jesus could be well-grounded through Apologetics in general and Creation Science particularly. The Far East team of young people who are ready to proclaim the gospel effectively and to teach others to do it grows! Please pray for them as well. 


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