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02 February 2005 By In 2005

 The greatest news of the month is: two self-governed our mission daughter ministries are officially registered in two countries - Russia and Uzbekistan.

The first one is based in Kursk where I am coming to teach at the college annually. The ministry has started by Andrey Goorsky - our former manager who got married to girl from very good Christian family recently and moved to Russia where she is getting internship after medical school. Andrey has great vision on apologetic ministry development in Russia for better equipping Christians for effective evangelism.

The second one is quite distant - in Tashkent. It is established by Andrey Gorkovenko (isn't it funny? - all my best disciples have name Andrey). He is ethnical Ukrainian with Uzbek citizenship and extremely keen about training Uzbek national church leaders and developing worship in Uzbek language for the nationals could fit it naturally (the majority of Christians in Uzbekistan are Russians and Koreans, and worship teaching and preaching going in Russian there). Andrei has started church, church leaders training center, and the library. He is going to translate most of our books into Uzbek.

Please pray for these new ministries - for God's guidance, safety and support for them. Please pray for the Lord make me a good encourager for both Andreys and provide me an opportunity to visit them at least once a year.

Our video producing team made a very successful trip to Moscow where they shoot lot of great materials at the stronghold of atheism - Moscow Palaeontology Museum. Now we will work on the developing this material into a video on how all those displays can be used as an evidence for Biblical truth. Please pray for this project.

The video version of the seminar 'Jesus in Cinema' has completed and is in distribution now in DVD and MP4 format. People consider is very informational and spectacular (it includes various video clips from the movies of 1912 - 2004) and equally interesting for Christians and non-believers. It attracts everyone who is interested in motion pictures art by discussing its various problems and approaches, but the indirect message above it all - what the Good News is about. Telling people what they want to hear we deliver them what they need to hear.

Several publishing projects have come to the final stage. The Best Things in Life book by Peter Kreeft and Old Earth? Why Not! by James Nienhuis have came out of the press already, Letting God Create Your Day, Vol.3 by Paul Bartz is in biding and will come next week. Foundations for Christian Education by Daniel and Wade are at the press and going to be completed in two weeks. Please pray for these projects.

The rest of the time was filled up with regular activity like preaching and teaching at the church and local missions, duties as boards member for Crimean-American College and for Tabitha clothing ministry, preparing for two sets of workshops (one is for unbelievers and another one for equipping Christians) I am going to do on my trip to Kostroma (Central Russia) where I am going to at the end of March. We continued to shoot 'Science and the Bible' video course as well and plan to complete the shootage in March.

The strategic policy of teaching teachers and training trainers has brought first feedback. Here are clips from couple of very encouraging letters I have received recently:

"I and my colleagues would be absolutely ungrounded without your materials. Communicating young people (I work mostly with teenagers and young adults) on the principles of Christian ethics, I have to undermine their atheistic way of thinking and evolutionist worldview first. This is almost impossible without powerful facts of science you supplied me and my colleagues with." Victoria Fedirko, iterant evangelist; teacher of Christian Ethics at state schools. Sarny, West Ukraine.

"May I thank you for your books. They are extremely interesting and masterfully crafted. I teach 'Philosophy of Science' and 'Ecology' courses at colleges of Moscow. Therefore I constantly use your materials and always recommend them to my students." Prof. Dmitriy Troitskiy, PhD (Chemistry), Russia.

Praised be the Lord for revealing His eternal ultimate glory via our rather limited co-working at His field!

Please pray for our ministry, for all the projects mentioned above. Pray also for my family and for our team. 

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